Introduction To The Life Of Venkaiah Naidu वेंकैया नायडू का जीवन परिचय

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Introduction To The Life Of Venkaiah Naidu

Recently elections were held for the post of Indian President and Ram Nath Kovind of the NDA was sworn in as the 14th Indian President. After Ram Nath's victory, Venkaiah Naidu has been named the NDA candidate for the post of Vice-President. Today, we will take you through the life and political journey of Venkaiah Naidu.
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Venkaiah Naidu

Venkaiah is called Naidu by all in the house. He gets up at 5:45 AM in the morning every day and does not take anything like tea, coffee, milk. In breakfast, he only like to eat idli or dosa. He goes to sleep at 10 PM every night. He likes to play Badminton. Besides Badminton, Venkaiah loved playing kabaddi in his childhood. He has a smartphone, but does not know about its features at all. He just uses it to make and receive calls.

He has many achievements in his career to boast of. In 1980, he became the leader of the BJP Youth Wing, then he was appointed as the Leader of the Legislative Assembly in Andhra Pradesh. In 1988, Naidu was made the BJP's Andhra Pradesh Unit's President.

From 1993 to 2000, he served as the National Secretary General of BJP. In 2002, he became the President of the BJP and again in 2004 he became the President again.

 Venkaiah lwas born on 1st of July, 1949 in Nellore. After growing up, he led the movement of Nellore, Vijayawada. In 1974, he was elected as the President of the University of Andhra University.

He did his schooling from V. R. High School in Nellore and studied Political Science from V.R. College,He studied Law at Visakhapatnam's Andhra University of College and Law.

Venkaiah Naidu was born in a peasant family. His father's name is Rangaiya Naidu and the mother's name is Ramanmama. His belong to a prosperous family. To understand them as politics, it seemed good only since childhood.

Since he was in college, he liked right-wing ideology. He was also volunteer in RSS. He also served as a member of the All India Student Council. He achieved success and was selected for the post of President of the Student union.


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