Artificial Intelligence propelling progress for the differently abled

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Artificial Intelligence propelling progress for the differently abled

Author of the article- Mr. Prashant Agarwal, President of Narayan SevaSansthan. NSS is a non-profit organization serving differently abled and underprivileged individuals.
Jan 22, 2021, 11:17 am ISTTechnologyAazad Staff
Mr. Prashant Agarwal
  Mr. Prashant Agarwal

Udaipur, 22 nd January, 2021: Artificial Intelligence is a field of Data Science and over the years it has emerged as a significant function across all businesses. AI or Artificial Intelligence is a Data Science Function that trains the computers to learn through experiences and perform tasks at cognitive levels adjusting to certain inputs. Right from Chatbots that have been utilized to assist customer interaction, AI is the next game changer that has emerged to be a powerful tool that has been utilized by businesses and services across the globe for contactless interpersonal interactions. AI is a tool that recognizes data patterns to perform specific tasks through the data that has been fed by AI professionals. In the recent times where newer technologies have been upgrading in a short span, the concept of Artificial Intelligence has been utilized by various corporates to create assistive technologies which have proved to be beneficial for the differently abled.

While the adoption of AI has created a direct transformation in economies, the use of AI has also been utilized to build up capabilities. As per the recent study that was released by Gartner it has been predicted that 69% of Routine Work Currently Done by Managers will Be Fully Automated by 2024. The Government of India has also been looking forward to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for inclusive growth which is why it has established a Task Force on AI and had mandated the NitiAayog to develop and prepare a National Strategy on AI. India in its 4.0 industrial revolution seeks to provide competitive advantage through its AI solutions that can form increased productivity with added cost advantages too. Thus making businesses to be a little more cost productive and profitable than labor. Thus India is doing its best to reduce the global digital divide by building capabilities.

As per the recent article that was published by NitiAyogon, Indian Education Sector Is Ripe for disruption by Artificial Intelligence’ mentions that, India, by 2030,will have the largest number of young people in the globe. The use of AI has proven to be beneficial for the differently abled as more and more organizations are looking forward to recruit people with disabilities due to the adoption of AI making them more adapt to changes. Artificial Intelligence in a way has been fostering diversity at workplaces. The Gartner report states that 75% heads in an organization have been experiencing critical talent shortages. While the differently abled are the unexplored genre of talent pool most of the organizations are now equipping themselves with AI to make these differently abled candidates even more capable by offering skilling and training them. This has brought in workplace diversity where the differently abled are now being more accepted by larger organizations.

The Gartner report further elaborated that by 2023 people with disabilities employed will triple as AI will be reducing the workplace barriers. Gartner estimates that organizations actively employing people with disabilities have 89% higher retention rates, a 72% increase in employee productivity and a 29% increase in profitability.

AI has opened up various options for the differently abled which have added more inclusiveness to the workplace for them. Some of the more interesting options that have recently opened up for the differently abled are the restaurants who have opened up to hire the differently abled individuals by implementing virtual reality and braille. Also, Narayan SevaSansthan also offering education for differently abled children’s by braille.Many organizations havebeen actively implementing AI Robotics technologies by introducing robotics that can be controlled and maintained by the differently abled employees. While AI has been developing and opening up options for the differently abled, one of the reports under the name “Rewire for Growth” by Accenture states thatArtificial Intelligence has the potential to add approximately $957 billion to India’s economy in 2035. AI in totality will have a humungous transformation through infrastructural growth with Machine Learning being the scope through which many businesses will benefit. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning shall also prove to be beneficial in ophthalmology. These will be beneficial to screendiabetic retinopathy (DR), and retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).

AI has proved to open career options where assistive technologies such as Real-time text to speech and text translation systems have been used by teachers to train their students. These have been used to disseminate information seamlessly in regional languages which actually in line with the Draft National Education Policy to skill the differently abled. Another development in AI technology is the Biometricauthentication which has been used record attendance for both students and teachers that has been beneficial to record the attendance and other administrative tasks. The Biometric attendance has proved to be beneficial to mark the ratio of attendance by both teachers and youths and their participation alongwith the records of the ratio that is generated on the proportion of male- female enrollment for higher education.Chatbots have been essentially being used to answer the doubts and questions of students which are ideally provided by subject matter experts. According to a report on NitiAyog, Natural Language Processing could be used for automated grading of assessments on a large scale on platforms such as DIKSHA, E- PATHSHALA and SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) - not just objective questions but subjective ones as well. 

Thus, to sum it up the education sector has opened up multiple aspects for the differently abled through the intervention of AI. While the path paved might have tremendous obstacles, AI would definitely create an opportunity across all sectors especially the education where it would be very beneficial for the differently abled.


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