The Government & People of Vietnam stand with India

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The Government & People of Vietnam stand with India

Vietnam Ambassador to India distributes Covid 19 relief material
Jun 4, 2021, 7:02 pm ISTNationAazad Staff
Vietnam Ambassador
  Vietnam Ambassador

H.E. Mr. Pham Sanh Chau, Ambassador of Viet Nam to India, Nepal & Bhutan, distributed covid relief material to various Indian institutes and bodies in an online & offline “Relief Presentation Ceremony”,

The monetary aid, collected by various individuals and the Government of Vietnam is part of the overall material the first batch of the gift sent by the Vietnamese Government and People of Vietnam comprising of 109 ventilators and 50 oxygen concentrators arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on 21 May 2021.

While distributing the material H.E. Mr. Pham Sanh Chau said “India is facing challenging times fighting against Covid 19. We are incredibly sad to see the challenging situation and feel for the people who are suffering. Therefore the Government of Vietnam and its people have decided that in these difficult times they will contribute with 200 Oxygen ventilators, 75 concentrators are being distributed. A ship carrying 1300 Oxygen Cylinders, 100 concentrators and 50,000 masks along with other medicines and relief material as well medicines has already been dispatched to India”.

The second batch, which includes 100 ventilators, 275 oxygen concentrators, 1300 oxygen cylinders, and 50,000 masks will be loaded into and shipped by an Indian Navy ship from Ho Chi Minh City to Chennai in a couple of days is expected to arrive in India on 03rd June, 2021.

“We are distributing these materials in India through Red Cross, Humanitarian organisations. We are also providing aid to Nepal. This reflects the love for people in India & Nepal in these challenging times” further added Mr Chau.

The aid distributed by Bhikkhuni Vietnam Khat si Buddhist School & The Vietnam Buddhist University, Ho Chi Minh City totalling to Rs 1,36,53,000/- comprised of 35 Ventilators and was donated to Gurudwara Committee, Patshahi Dasween, Vasavi hospital, Indo – Vietnam solidarity committee, Indian Importers Chambers Of Commerce & Industry, Indo – Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vietnamese Honorary Consul Office In Nepal, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce And Industry, Nepalese Friends, Shiv Shakti Sewa Samiti Bike Ambulance, Friends of Vietnam, Nepal, Siddharthanagar Chamber Of Commerce And Industry, Nepal, Fikr Foundation & International Buddhist Confederation.

Specking about the challenging times in Vietnam he said “ Even Vietnam is entering into a challenging time. Now even we have 6000 active Covid 19 cases, up from 1300 last year and we too now need Vaccines and other material”

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