With Father’s Day coming up, here’s a hat-tip to one of the coolest dads on television- Srikant Tiwari!

Wednesday, Dec 06, 2023 | Last Update : 06:45 PM IST

With Father’s Day coming up, here’s a hat-tip to one of the coolest dads on television- Srikant Tiwari!

Also here are 5 times, The Family Man’s daddy-cool will remind you of your own dad
Jun 18, 2021, 7:18 pm ISTEntertainmentAazad Staff
The Family Man.
  The Family Man.

For every child, their father is the hero of their life - The one who not only supports but also stands like a pillar during trying times, and is a best friend too! Here are five times, Manoj Bajpayee a.k.a Srikant Tiwari showed us how he is the perfectly relatable desi dad in Amazon Prime Video’s recently launched new season of The Family Man.

The Daddy cool. NOT!
While Srikant is a smooth under-cover spy leading secret missions to protect the country, for the world, which includes his family, he is just a simple guy in a regular government job. He is the cool and friendly, yet flawed and relatable father. Just like every dad, he too is awkwardly trying to fit into his Dhriti and Atharv’s world by attempting to keep up with their lives and with new-age lingo like LOL, ROFL, etc. But as we all know how that goes, we can’t help but notice the similarities between our desi dads and the not-so-minimum guy. Kudos to every dad who’s trying okay? Hang in there.

The self-aware dad
With the advancements of technology, our parents constantly rely on us to teach them the latest apps and get them up to date on trends! Our beloved Srikant is no different. There is a heart- warming yet comical video, where his kids are seen giving him Instagram lessons. The chemistry, the camaraderie and the whole banter between the kids and their father depicted in the video, will not only make you fall in love with them but also get you to draw real-life parallels.

The funny one
There is absolutely no escaping Srikant’s jokes and iconic puns in the show. A lot of this is seen between him and his son Atharv. Be it Atharv’s never-ending questions, his blackmailing skills, or his love for music, Srikant never lets his son get away easily, be it in full public view. The scene where Atharv is blowing hard at his trumpet and trying his best to make some music to which Srikant says ‘Itna mat phoonk. Picche se hava nikal jayegi!,’ - what a quirky sense of humor!

The caring father In Season 1, owing to the nature of work, Srikant was always away and rather disconnected from his family, but he always tried to make his presence felt at home. Although, just like every father, Srikant would go the distance to keep his kids out of danger. As seen in the new season, he will do whatever it takes for the family, even if it means putting his life on the line. And Srikant does that with aplomb!

The enigmatic Dad
Trying to portray the perfect dad and being a strong individual who their kids can look up to, Indian men curb their instincts, keep their emotions in check and don’t show their vulnerable side. Srikant personifies this throughout the series, The Family Man, keeping his macho-man undercover- spy personality tucked away whenever he is around his kids.

The Family Man- New Season is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. If you haven’t already watched the series, grab a tub of popcorn and enjoy it with your dad, this Father’s Day.


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