Here are five fabulous things about Photo Prem that has got us excited as ever

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Here are five fabulous things about Photo Prem that has got us excited as ever

The trailer of the movie was released on Monday
May 6, 2021, 1:44 pm ISTEntertainmentAazad Staff
Photo Prem
  Photo Prem

In recent times, when commercial movies are making the maximum noise, the recently-released trailer of Photo Prem is like a breath of fresh air. The upcoming Marathi film is a simple, yet heartfelt, story of a woman who feels she will be forgotten because of not having a recent photo of herself. Directed by Aditya Rathi, the trailer of the movie stars critically acclaimed artist Neena Kulkarni who breathes life into her character in what’s sure to be an impactful performance. Having caught our attention and making us wait for its release, here are five things about the movie that will give you ample food for thought.

Its simple, yet powerful narrative: In these modern times, when taking selfies and photoshoots shot with HD cameras are available, how often do we come across the story of an ordinary woman who wants just one good picture of herself. And if that wasn’t enough to bring a smile on your face, the reason for it – to have our loved ones remember us is as heart-warming as it gets. Photo Prem is one such story of an ordinary woman ‘Maee’ who moves heaven and earth to get her picture-perfect moment because she is worried that her future generations might not know that she existed!

Neena Kulkarni and her method acting skills: After watching Neena Kulkarni portraying the most outstanding roles in multiple TV shows and movies, it seems like all she needs is to hear the word ‘Action’ from the director. What follows next is the stellar actor essay the most challenging of roles with utmost finesse and realism. The trailer clearly indicates that just like all her projects, she is going to gracefully carry the entire movie on her shoulders throughout its course to give us a performance to cherish.

Critical applause to the movie: Ahead of this movie’s release, Photo Prem received plaudits and raving reviews by the esteemed Pune International Film festival committee going on to receive a nomination for the Best Marathi Film.

A beautiful universal message: We can see the little girl giving advice to ‘Maee’ that smiling from her heart would reflect on her face with the photo coming out just as she desired. This is not just a master tip to everyone around us who are always struggling to find that perfect smile for their photographs, but is also a message to people around the globe that all one should care about is smiling. All you got to do is express this emotion from the bottom of your heart with the rest falling into place automatically.

Subtle Humour: Humour is like salt in movies, too much and too little of it can make any movie disproportionate. However, the light unintentional and innocent punch lines by Neena Kulkarni portrays that this movie has absolutely no scope of boring the audiences and it will drive the key message of the movie while simultaneously entertaining the audiences as well.

For the uninitiated, Photo Prem, starring veteran actor Neena Kulkarni in the lead along with Amita Khopkar and Sameer Dharamadhikari in pivotal roles, is an interesting story of Maee, a housewife who seemed worried about being forgotten by future generations post her demise because she’s doesn’t look her best in the ‘old pictures’ of herself. The film captures Maee’s journey to overcome her fear of the camera and finally she succeeds in clicking a perfect picture. Photo Prem is produced by Aditya Rathi, Mehul Shah and Gayatri Patil and is directed and co-written by Aditya Rathi & Gayatri Patil.

The movie will exclusively premiere in India on Amazon Prime Video on the 7th of May.



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