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The First ever Emergency Incubation for Emergency Response ‘IIHMR Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp 2021’ Launched across 54 Commonwealth Countries

Solving the most pressing problems of Mankind during COVID 19 Crisis Offers ultra-fast-track incubation to innovative startups to make them market and funding ready
May 28, 2021, 9:32 am ISTWorldAazad Staff
IIHMR University

IIHMR University, Jaipur has launched India's first-ever Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp with support from the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of Rajasthan. This program ‘IIHMR Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp 2021’ aims to help nascent entrepreneurs with the right platform by allowing them direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, investors and other stakeholders to help them sustain and scale. The 'IIHMR Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp 2021' begins from June 1 to June 7, and the last date of application is May 28, 2021. Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Ideators, Startups, Intrapreneurs, Students, NGOs, Universities, Business Organisations and Corporate Houses can apply. There is no fee for participation as IIHMR University fully sponsors it. The 'IIHMR Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp 2021' shall follow a unique process that involves ultra-fast-track diagnostic panels, deep-touch mentoring clinics and speed dating with investors for incubating startups, all in a period of just 7 days. 

  Dr. PR Sodani, President, IIHMR University, said," understanding the urgency to channelize business ideas, productize innovative solution, concretize business plans and productify prototypes to bring life back on track during and post Covid19 crisis, we are expediting the process of startup incubation - Emergency Incubation for Emergency Response. Participation from students, startups and innovators is quite significant for the initiative's success in terms of creating the impact for social good." He further added, for the deserving participants, we will allow Fully Sponsored enrollment in PG Diploma-Health Entrepreneurship program with IIHMR University."

  This initiative, ' IIHMR Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp 2021' has been designed to support and incubate some of the most competitive startups which are bringing disruptive innovation to solve the most pressing problems of mankind during COVID-19 crisis across the globe. Fifty best startups shall get a chance to be featured in the 'Idea-Book' and the logos of their affiliated organizations/ universities/companies, which will be shared across all Commonwealth countries through their Indian Embassies. Experts across domains and coming from various parts of the country will conduct the workshop.

Some of the distinguished guests during the 'IIHMR Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp 2021' will be, Dr. Roger Gopaul, HC- Trinidad & Tobago, Mrs. Mugdha Sinha, IAS, Secretary of Government, Art, Literature, Culture and Archaeology, Science & Technology, Dr. PR Sodani, President, IIHMR University, Dr. Anand K Joshi, Advisor, ISDC Global- London, Mr. Sudhir Nayar, MD Sales, CISCO, Bangalore. 

  Dr. Pallavi Chaudhary Agarwalla, Programme Coordinator and Head, IIHMR Business Incubation, said, "This initiative' IIHMR Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp 2021' has been launched and managed entirely by IIHMR Incubator centred at IIHMR University, Jaipur. The objectives of the Bootcamp includes – Extending handholding support to innovative startups, Access to curated pitching sessions with investor network, learning from the industry stalwarts and domain experts, marathon one on one sessions with startup mentors, experience based learning from established entrepreneurs and the chance to network with startup stakeholders in Commonwealth countries with support from the Indian Observer Post. The main motive of the Emergency Incubation Bootcamp is to enable startup founders to get the right resources at the right time with right knowledge from right people and expedite the product development, go-to-market, revenue generation and scale-up process for innovative solutions to generate large scale social impact during COVID hit times and to bring startup stakeholders on a single platform to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in tier- II and tier-III cities.

  The key takeaways from the 'IIHMR Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp 2021' are: Best 2 startups will receive fully sponsored enrollment in IIHMR PG-Diploma in Health Entrepreneurship program (based on selection and eligibility). In addition, the best 10 startups will have access to the fully sponsored 'IIHMR Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp 2021' by IIHMR Incubator (if selected). The best 20 startups will also have access to curated pitching sessions with investors, industry experts, startup mentors, and representatives from the Government Departments.

Link for application:
https://iihmr.edu.in/jaipur/iihmr-emergency-startup-incubation-bootcamp- 2021. 
Reach out for any queries relating to the Bootcamp to Dr. Pallavi Choudhary Agarwalla (pallavichoudhary@iihmr.edu.in +91-9166455489)


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